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Black and white decoration

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a black and white decoration taste? We have the means: prints, wallpapers and fridge doors.

This wall art is not canvas paintings, but instead image is photo quality and they are interchangeable by magnetic attachment. And likewise our prints for wall and fridge doors are interchangeable.

Choose fabulous and fun black and white images from our Getty Images library. If you instead of photos want black and white graphics or patterns to your wall or fridge door, you can also ask us to find suitable alternatives - just write about your needs to

Elegant interior decoration from holiday photos

Feeling Interior Kari

It's fun to immortalise memories on holiday - but how to put up your best photos when you can only fit a few frames to wall? Solution: switch images, not frames.

holiday photos

Change images when you want to change decoration. The prints that attach to magnetic wall art frames are stored in handy tubes when they are not on the wall.

change print

What to put on my wall today?

Feeling Interior Kari

Some funny animal pictures? This wall art frame has interchangeable print which you can change in a second. So you can experiment and make also make bold decisions like this image. Swiching just the prints is also ecological.

Wall art frames come in different sizes and custom sizes are also possible. This frame is 47.5 x 65 cm.

This size of funny animals from our image library costs 50 EUR and from your own image 40 EUR + delivery expenses. The zebra image is special offer 40 EUR. These magnetically attached prints are conveniently stored as roll in a case that comes with order.

How do you feel? Wall art frame with interchangeable prints tells it!

Feeling Interior Kari

Change images as you feel. Select images for a wall art frame or a composition of them, and change one by one or all at once.

Here is a intimate relationship flavoured collection with birds theme. Some of you may also see here lifecycle of a relationship. Just go to our image library and search with words "birds pair" and you will find huge amount of gorgeous photos from Getty Images.

Or how about this series:

Just go on spotting birds! Our online shop is an easy way to get new individuals to your flock.