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Wood oven dishwasher

Feeling Interior Kari

New home appliance innovation: wood oven diswasher. Only from us!

With our magnetically attached interchageable prints you can change your diswasher into anything you want. This image is also good in a black and white kitchen.

Elephants at shower room

Feeling Interior Kari

Image of elephant family washing was implemented to shower room with our interchangeable print product. Image was adjusted to match the tones of the walls and floor.

Thus you can use our magnetic interchangeable print even at moist premises. Here a zinc plate was installed as a base for the image.

However, don't install the image right next to showers, because soap water could go behind it and make it stick permanently. Here in our example the showers are at opposite wall.

Black and white kitchen

Feeling Interior Kari

Tune the fridge and dishwasher in your black and white kitchen into snazzy decoration.

The interchangeable print blends well into door because it is so thin (only 0.3 mm) and it's easy to change on the fly because it's magnetic.

Choose some fabulous black and white images from our Getty Images library. If you don't find a suitable image or would rather want some graphics or pattern you can ask us to find alternatives - write to us about your need to

Black and white decoration

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a black and white decoration taste? We have the means: prints, wallpapers and fridge doors.

This wall art is not canvas paintings, but instead image is photo quality and they are interchangeable by magnetic attachment. And likewise our prints for wall and fridge doors are interchangeable.

Choose fabulous and fun black and white images from our Getty Images library. If you instead of photos want black and white graphics or patterns to your wall or fridge door, you can also ask us to find suitable alternatives - just write about your needs to

Transforming retail booth

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a retail booth at a fair or a pop-up store, and you frequently need to change appearance by situation and assortment?

This is the joint booth of our customers Fysiomyynti and Onnisport selling exercise equipment. You see them frequently at different fairs and events at Finnland.

Use magnetically attached prints at stands and other structures. Our magnetic prints attach directly to steel and for other surfaces you can first glue our magnetic mats.

Below you see highlighted the interchageable prints of this retail booth. Also notice the interchangeable price tag - so you can have another magnetic print on top of another and change for example prices by day or time of day.

Fridge doors change by time of year

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a habit of changing your interior decoration by time of year? In kitchen decor magnetic interchangeable prints turn fridge doors into piece of art that changes by time of year.

penguin fridge

These funny penguin butlers greet you at winter.

orange fridge

Refreshing oranges for summer.

Also remember that you can tune all your appliance doors to same theme

Elegant interior decoration from holiday photos

Feeling Interior Kari

It's fun to immortalise memories on holiday - but how to put up your best photos when you can only fit a few frames to wall? Solution: switch images, not frames.

holiday photos

Change images when you want to change decoration. The prints that attach to magnetic wall art frames are stored in handy tubes when they are not on the wall.

change print

Interchangeable photowall to office

Feeling Interior Kari

Photowall complete changes the mood of office and makes it cosy - and this wallpaper can also be changed on the fly. Thanks to magnetic attachment, you can change scene just for the fun or when users or usage of space changes.


A thin magnetic mat is glued to wall, and after that the interchangeable prints attach to it.


Here an open space office of Technopolis Ltd at their Mediapolis campus has turned into summerish meadow.


And on opposite wall the meadow continues.


When you want to change the scene, just roll the previous secenery to cases and adjust a new one to your wall at our web service where there shape and segments of the wall have been stored. The image can be any picture of your own or one from our Getty Images library.

Tune your fridge and dishwasher to same theme

Feeling Interior Kari

If your kitchen atmosphere is broken by different looking fridge and dishwasher, here is an easy way to change that: magnetically attached interchangeable prints. The doors of appliances become decoration elements and expensive kitchen renovation or hiding of appliances behind cabinet doors are not needed.

fridge and dishwasher

Choose part of same image to doors or take different images from same theme or color theme. It can be anything you want, image of your own or from our Getty Images library. Take measures so that the edge of interchangeable print begins after the rounded edge of door (see photo below). You can then adjust the images yourself at our webshop. If you need openings for door handles etc, you can do them yourself with scissors or ask us to do them (then email before ordering the measures of openings to


It is easy to switch the prints and store them in their case, and thus you can do several different themes and switch them according to season, for example....

What to put on my wall today?

Feeling Interior Kari

Some funny animal pictures? This wall art frame has interchangeable print which you can change in a second. So you can experiment and make also make bold decisions like this image. Swiching just the prints is also ecological.

Wall art frames come in different sizes and custom sizes are also possible. This frame is 47.5 x 65 cm.

This size of funny animals from our image library costs 50 EUR and from your own image 40 EUR + delivery expenses. The zebra image is special offer 40 EUR. These magnetically attached prints are conveniently stored as roll in a case that comes with order.

White kitchen art

Feeling Interior Kari

White kitchen is always in, and carefully chosen kitchen art elements make it perfect. Your fridge can also be a decoration element - would you believe it!

You can change the looks of your fridge door instantly with this magnetic interchangeable print. Fresh fruits on white background or whatever you want. The fridge door becomes a piece of kitchen art and you don't have to hide it anymore with an integrated cabinet door.

You can find images on these fridge doors from links below

Peeling an apple

Water being poured on half lemon

Close up of slices of apple

And here is a bunch of other fruits on white background .

The changeable print is only 0.3 mm thick, and thus it blends in as part of fridge surface. Measure it so that it is slightly smaller than the door and the print edge only begins after rounding of the fridge door.

You can switch your fridge door art whenever you feel so, and look for more at our webshop in the Getty Images library. Or upload your own images. When you...

How do you feel? Wall art frame with interchangeable prints tells it!

Feeling Interior Kari

Change images as you feel. Select images for a wall art frame or a composition of them, and change one by one or all at once.

Here is a intimate relationship flavoured collection with birds theme. Some of you may also see here lifecycle of a relationship. Just go to our image library and search with words "birds pair" and you will find huge amount of gorgeous photos from Getty Images.

Or how about this series:

Just go on spotting birds! Our online shop is an easy way to get new individuals to your flock.

Innovative wall art ideas

Tommi Niemi


Stylish wall art frame with magnetically attachable VividCover-interchangeable print gives a new kind of decoration experience.

Wall art frame is with a magnetic surface, to which is attached a thin VividCover-print. Print can be chosen from your own images or from our photo library
The wall art frame is dignified refined decoration element, whose image can be changed in a jiffy.

Photo library offers the world-famous Getty Images Photos. On our site you can browse through the photo library, select, and make interchangeable print directly without further intermediate steps.


Price examples, wall art frame and print with Getty Images -photo (including VAT 24%.)

30 x 30 cm 39 € + print 17.74 €

47.5 x 47.5 cm 49 € + print 39.28 €

47.5 x 65 cm 59 € + print 49.39 €

100 x 100 cm139 € + print 110 €

See more at or send us Mail!


Wall art frames...


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