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Wood oven dishwasher

Feeling Interior Kari

New home appliance innovation: wood oven diswasher. Only from us!

With our magnetically attached interchageable prints you can change your diswasher into anything you want. This image is also good in a black and white kitchen.

Elephants at shower room

Feeling Interior Kari

Image of elephant family washing was implemented to shower room with our interchangeable print product. Image was adjusted to match the tones of the walls and floor.

Thus you can use our magnetic interchangeable print even at moist premises. Here a zinc plate was installed as a base for the image.

However, don't install the image right next to showers, because soap water could go behind it and make it stick permanently. Here in our example the showers are at opposite wall.

Black and white kitchen

Feeling Interior Kari

Tune the fridge and dishwasher in your black and white kitchen into snazzy decoration.

The interchangeable print blends well into door because it is so thin (only 0.3 mm) and it's easy to change on the fly because it's magnetic.

Choose some fabulous black and white images from our Getty Images library. If you don't find a suitable image or would rather want some graphics or pattern you can ask us to find alternatives - write to us about your need to

Black and white decoration

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a black and white decoration taste? We have the means: prints, wallpapers and fridge doors.

This wall art is not canvas paintings, but instead image is photo quality and they are interchangeable by magnetic attachment. And likewise our prints for wall and fridge doors are interchangeable.

Choose fabulous and fun black and white images from our Getty Images library. If you instead of photos want black and white graphics or patterns to your wall or fridge door, you can also ask us to find suitable alternatives - just write about your needs to

Transforming retail booth

Feeling Interior Kari

You have a retail booth at a fair or a pop-up store, and you frequently need to change appearance by situation and assortment?

This is the joint booth of our customers Fysiomyynti and Onnisport selling exercise equipment. You see them frequently at different fairs and events at Finnland.

Use magnetically attached prints at stands and other structures. Our magnetic prints attach directly to steel and for other surfaces you can first glue our magnetic mats.

Below you see highlighted the interchageable prints of this retail booth. Also notice the interchangeable price tag - so you can have another magnetic print on top of another and change for example prices by day or time of day.