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Welcome to Feeling Interior! VividCover Print is our innovative solution for your ever changing interior preferences! VividCover Print can instantly change the way you feel about your interior and the way your interior makes you feel.

What is VividCover Print?

Instantly interchangeable print with your own measures from your own or image library photos. Adjust images with our easy-to-use online editor and add text. Instantly see price of your custom print after dropping to web shop basket or some price examples here.

Four alternatives to mount:

1. Magnetically to a metal surface, for example a fridge door.

2. Magnetically to our Wall Art Frames. Click here for more info on sizes or ask for a custom size.

3. Magnetically to a VividBase magnetic mat that has first been installed to wall. This option is best for large wall surfaces. Because the VividBase mat serves as the magnet, the VividCover print therefore is much thinner and lighter in weight when applied to the wall.

4. Removable and re-attachable sticker. It can be attached to almost everything and doesn’t leave air bubbles.

Try it now!

30x30 frame 1
Fridge at try it

Easy to switch

When you get inspired for something new in your interior design and want to switch your current print, it’s simple! Roll up the print and store it in the supplied tube. Then roll out another.

Photos and print designs remain in our online service, so you can use them to make new interchangeable prints or order additional copies later. Decorative element dimensions are also given a name, so you can choose the same item dimensions when you make new prints.

Prints withstand damp wiping and general mild detergents.